New Method Of Naturism By the Young Naturists

Our new approach to nudism – We would like to announce some changes to our FKK members and followers. As you are likely well aware, we (Felicity Jones and Jordan) have been investing every waking minute of the day including every last penny we have in creating this fantastic naturist community of amazing folks. After two and a half years, and with little support, we are proud of what we have been able to accomplish thus far.
We have been perceived as the black sheep of the naturist movement practically from day one and while there have already been many individuals who have done whatever they could to crush our attempts, we are still here.
A New Method Of Nudism at FKK
A New Approach To Nudism at FKK – Love, Independence, Acceptance!
The core problems, that we’re continuously faced with, are that naturist leaders and business owners:
Do not comprehend how the internet operates
Do not believe in spending any cash to entice new business
Are scared of the “outsiders”
Do not take constructive criticism well
Can not convey effectively and do not respond promptly
Aren’t open-minded enough for the current manner people think
Are uncooperative and exceptionally secretive
Lack the skills and willingness to learn how to reach more individuals
Aren’t willing to actively support other companies and collaborate
Since we just can’t force individuals to change, we believe it’s time for us to accept the facts. We are sad that here, in the U.S., the principal nudist organizations and companies aren’t willing to actually listen and evolve the naturist movement. We’ll continue to work with nudist clubs and organizations, but we comprehend that it is not up to us to ensure their survival. There are reasons why organizations are not doing well and why clubs are seeing a decreasing quantity of members (particularly younger ones). But we can not compel folks to believe long term, and we now recognize that we should not even attempt.
So with that in mind, we now have decided to do what is best for us: we will be scaling down our functioning. Over the next few days / weeks we are going to start to implement our new way of nudism and FKK.
Here are some of the items you can expect to see happen:
Due to the overwhelming amount of general e-mails that we get, we will now be reacting to most of them once per week. We will also be publishing content less frequently.
We will no more be doing mostly pro-bono work for nudism associated companies. If you need us to help, then we ask that you place value on our time. Up to now, we have been spending our private savings to drive out and speak with folks. Most resorts and clubs still billed us day fees even though we were there to help them. We also have done work for individuals / companies at no cost.
The good thing about working with us is that FKK knows this niche market and have a substantial following and existence. As summarized on our site, we can offer help and consultation services in the next areas – site optimization, design, online marketing, social networking, blog marketing, niche marketing and outreach, event creation and promotion. We even can optimize pay-per click campaigns (for Google) so that businesses will end up paying far less per click while attaining a greater advertising positioning. And the list goes on and on.
While our rates are a fraction of what it would cost in “outside world,” we still have to manage to make something. So we ask that you be understanding and respectful of our needs, if you do choose to work with us.
We now have been getting a boatload of e-mails mostly from the U.S., Canada, Australia and England. Folks actually want to FKK to do things in their place. It has previously been achieved by creating chapters in different areas. Chapter leaders were responsible for blogging, arranging events regularly and keeping various social media. The idea was actually to create self sustaining groups that could generate their own funds and provide a source of income for whoever was in charge.
Aside from NY / NJ, we haven’t found people who are able and / or willing to invest the time and energy needed to educate a considerable following.
So, we are creating a second tier – the “FKK associate group.” The groups will be composed of one chief individual who will function as the group’s manager. The groups will essentially be as active or inactive as the leader desires it to be.
Nudist Groups are expected to abide by and enforce the regulations and manner of actions both on-line and offline.
Nudist Groups will receive support from FKK in the next ways:
Access to the FKK website for publishing content – this is crucial to broadening the exposure of any group.
Access to the FKK email newsletters – To educate people of what they’re doing.
FKK will use our social networks to start the group – we are going to add folks that we know from that area and announce the formation of the new group online.
Nudist Groups are expected to:
Act based on the manner of conduct that’s summarized on the FKK website
Respond to FKK when we contact them
Inform FKK instantly of any problems that arise
Remove any people who misbehave
We’ll shortly start to close down a number of our other chapters, but that does not mean that we’re no more present. It merely means that we will not be responsible for creating the real community nor will we be actively and aggressively seeking to develop the group’s membership and following. That is up to every single group to determine.
Please note that FKK is a structured movement. We do have checks and balances and folks can’t simply do whatever they wish whenever they feel like it. The most valuable asset we have is our reputation, and that is something we’re not and WOn’t be willing to risk. We haven’t any issue with closing down any group anytime or revoking the privileges if we believe that it’s essential.
We will be implementing these changes in , but will continue to do as much as we can to grow our FKK movement and to make an optimistic impact on naturism.
As always we welcome your thoughts in the comments section below.

that there was an archaic naked image of Heracles which was considered to be the

procession was discovered in Nigeria. [See E. R. Dennett, The Religious and political System of the Yoruba
(London, 1910). p, 951. At Trani, by Naples, a huge wooden phallic image called “II Santo Membro” was taken
in procession annually until the eighteenth century. (See Rawson, Simple Erotic Art, p. 75). During the latter
part of the nineteenth century, in huge cities of Japan phallic holidays took place in which tremendous floats were
Displayed. At several of these festivals, a surging mass of almost naked young men carried a massive papier-mch
phallus. Occasionally forty feet long. [See Micheal Czaja, Gods of Myths and Stone (New York, 1974). p. 1741.
There is enough evidence to show that phallic processions were standard in many nations and were of great
40. pp. 162. 163.
41. For these observations made about Heracles see John Mouratidis.
42. Bonfante, Etrusron Dress, p. 28. The Chaldaeans covered as a rule with ample drapery the sorts of their
gods; but for the goddess of love and fecundity, and the demigod whom many compare to the Greek Heracles,
they had recourse to all the frankness of nudity (view Perrott and Chipiez, History of Art in Phrygia, p. 92).
43. See Ruth Glynn, “Heracles, Nereus and Triton: A Study of lconography in Sixth Century Athens,”AJA
85 (1981): 121-132; John Boardman, Greek Sculpture: The Archaic period (Awesome York and Toronto, 1978), p. 261;
n 210, 198; idem, Greek Gems and Finger Rings: Early Bronze Age
pl. 266.
44. p, 221. figs. 111,112


Journal of Sport History, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Winter, 1985)
work of Daidalos.45 Usually, the hero is depicted naked in early Greek art
which signifies old legends. One cannot escape the judgment that these early
Naked appearances of the hero were based on the uncontestable authority of
tradition. On Heracles and his nudity, Evelyn Harrison stressed that:
nudity, the short hair and the strong physique are all really characteristic and that
is Heracles. He alone comes naked into the existence of Zeus and the other gods.
The nudity of the athlete, the fighter, the laborer is his, and it is the authentic symbol of his
He was the most
evils) as strong and great, as creator of the Olympic Games, as a helper in all
Issues, as a great sportsman, as the protector of the race, as an averter of death,
as a naked warrior-athlete par excellence, as the hero of heroes, and as a
guardian angel.
It’s realistic to presume that since Heracles was the hero in whose honour

the Olympic Games were potentially held, then his protges, the athletes, were
trying to mimic the nudity as well as various other characteristics of their patron.
From earliest times, the Greek gods and heroes boastfully displayed their
physical energy and needed such from their zealots and enthusiasts.
The stuff evidence indicates that the warrior-athlete was not a prevailing
theme for the artists of the late Geometric period (750-700 B.C.). The athletes
of this interval carried no weapons and wore no helmets. More emphasis has
been given to the bodies of the athletes and especially to their long arms and
Sturdy legs, rather than to their aggressive and warlike characteristics. In the ProtoAttic and Proto-Corinthian artwork, there are no traces of the warrior-athlete. The
last fifty years of the 8th century was probably the interval when the nudity of the
warrior-athlete developed into athletic nudity. This was the same period when
the prevalent practice of hero cults, joined with competitive games
Happened. The popularity of athletics and a number of practical concerns
were responsible for the change from the warrior-athlete’s nudity to fit
nudity. It’s very crucial that you keep in mind that the last part of the 8th century is
by tradition the eve of the beginning of nudity in Greek sport and is the
45. Pausanias 2.4.5. (Greek Hero Cults, p. III) regarded this nude image of Heracles as Dorian
46. Evelyn Harrison, “Athena and Athens in East Pediment of Parthenon,” AJA 71 (1967): 44.

A Review of Living Waters Spa in Southern California

Living Waters Spa – We decided to check out Living Waters Spa, a clothing optional spa and resort in Desert Hot Springs. This is only 8 miles from Terra Cotta, right near Palm Springs. Living Waters Spa is an oasis in the desert, with a view of the magnificent San Jacinto Mountains. We booked a standard poolside room for one night. The room had all we wanted – a bed, mini-refrigerator, and bathroom. For other lodgings, there are rooms with a full kitchen as well as condominiums. (Day visits are also an option for those who don’t wish to remain overnight.)
View of Mt San Jacinto at sunrise, at Living Waters Spa
The grounds essentially consist of a hot tub, pool, Finnish sauna and massage room. The Finnish dry sauna is actually a restored vintage sauna staying from LWS’s days as a 1960’s “hot tub-tel.” But what is special about is that it’s pure mineral water straight out of the ground. Additionally they don’t have to warm the pool or hot tub themselves because it’s naturally heated to 105 degrees by the Earth. Since it is recycled like this, they do not have to add any chemicals, salt or chlorine. It is a pretty sweet setup and unique to this resort. The water supply is all mineral water so you could drink all you want on tap as well.
There were a handful of other guests while we were there, mainly couples, and we chatted with them in the hot tub. They do enable singles and strive to be inclusive, which is a huge plus in our book. Most folks were naked, but a few kept their bathing suits on, which is their choice since it’s clothes-optional. However, I was surprised that this relaxing experience did not lead them to shake off their inhibitions and try societal nudity. Maybe they just do not understand how much better it feels to be naked in the water and sauna.
I loved watching the small hummingbirds rapidly flapping their wings and perching there. In one upper corner of the building, there is a visible nest, and Jeff told us that for recent years they’ve returned there to lay eggs. He has truly strapped a camera up there so as to get an up close view of new infants. So if you see after in the wintertime, you might get a view of these little girls!
Photo courtesy of
Inside they also have a communal room with tables and chairs where you can hang out, socialize and say hello to Doc, their amazing African Grey parrot. She’ll say hello, but watch about placing your fingers in the cage! There is free Wifi too, if you should connect.
In the afternoon, Jeff and Judy brought out their daily complimentary serving of hors d’oeuvres to the hot tub – cheeses, crackers, dips, fruit, hibiscus tea, wine and other snacks to nibble on. This is also the opportunity for them to mingle with the guests and participate us in a mind-boggling game of attempting to guess all the fixings in one of the dips. The man to guess all of them wins a massage. None of us figured out the last ingredient. Regarding food, they do not have a restaurant on the premises, but they do serve a small breakfast every morning. For other meals you can order in food from one of many nearby restaurants or go out to eat.
Being a real hot tub, one of the chief features here is the massage therapy. We didn’t get click , but I am sure it’s lovely. They’ve developed their own techniques and offer a couple of different types. Jeff and Judy are both accredited massage therapists, and they told us this is their passion. Additionally they offer massage workshops for couples through the year.
We’d recommend Living Waters Spa for a quiet area to relax and rejuvenate. It’s healing on many levels, from the massage to the mineral water to the majestic views of the mountains. See the resort’s website for more tasks in the region. For FKK members, we should remind you that LWS is an affiliate place, so you could get a 20-25% discount on your stay. In browsing their website, I discovered LWS also offers a 25% reduction to breast cancer survivors! So that is fairly awesome.
Find additional information on Living Waters Spa on their site at
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in memory because our dignity

and freeom are the wages for
latter opportunity might look like a little having known Lee.”

with the website authorities, additionally, it establishes a
naturist interest in maintaining the integ- point, but way too many naturists forget
rity and wellbeing of .
the joys of being outside in nature clothes-free,

TNS parties and festivals habitually surrounded by birds and animals, and
offer workshops and seminars educate- swimming in the living water of lakes and
ing attendees about their relationship to streams.
Vegetarian alternatives are
Lee Baxandall’s early work in theatrioffered at gathering and festival meals, and cal and performance arts set the tone for
each assembly offers the chance to get TNS’ support of aesthetic excellence. N
away from the developed club property for has covered many significant art works and
a day to a local beach or hot spring. This occasions that illustrate the themes of body
50 |

Scootch Pankonin

worked with him as essential parts of TNS
for years: Nicky Hoffman, Judi Ditzler,
and Margaret Thornton. All three respected Baxandall’s work in TNS, and wanted

to find his vision continued. Ditzler—with
Aid from Mark Storey and others—
manage the office and N Network, and
Thornton would continue to keep course
of and financial end of things.
Baxandall would continue to provide valuable consultation and occasional magazine
Posts until his physical health restricted his
Skill to do so.

TNS’ biggest job under the fresh
Best Nude Beaches and Resorts. Mike Charles
Lifestyle Press had successfully published
three “coffee-table” quality guide books to
nude beaches and resorts in Europe, and
Lifestyle Press team up to co write and copublish an updated version of Baxandall’s
World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts.
The most recent variant of Baxandall’s well-known
guide was still good, but the development of fresh resorts and a change in
status of many shores globally had
Created a demand for a new edition. In
2007, after a year of research and journey
by coauthors Nick Mayhew-Smith and
Mark Storey, together with editorial work
from Mike Charles, Nicky Hoffman (now
Hoffman Lee), and Judi Ditzler (who had
at this point left TNS to work for another
Company, but continued to do editorial work
on specific jobs), TNS and Lifestyle
Press released The World’s Best Nude Beaches
and Resorts to show the world how much
fun could be had on a naturist holiday
in virtually any part of the earth. The guide
Instantly became and remains the first
choice in print for those seeking advice about naturist travel.

Baxandall was joyful to see the years
of work on the many editions of his World
helm of N magazine, he continued to provide consultation, posts, and a precious
historical outlook until his departure on
November 28, 2008. His passing is a loss
to nudism around the world, as he, more
appreciation and political understanding, along with

lightheartedness and intellectual rigor, to
the pursuit for body approval and naturist

nization can provide. Having said that, NAC has
a loaded Web site providing detailed information about U.S. state and Canadian provincial laws as they pertain to nudity. Its Toni
TNS & the Future
Egbert Law Library is a valuable source
of advice for lawyers looking for
Currently well into 21st century, TNS acknowl- information on court cases of interest to
edges that naturists and non-naturists are skinny-dippers. NAC’s blog is also of use
becoming cyber-literate and that more and for public discussion on issues pertaining
more folks are looking to the Net for to naturist activism in North America.
their advice and reading diversion.
This is where TNS stands today. Its
Although TNS stays a membership orga- members are faithful—retention rates remain
nization expressing itself mostly through near 80 percent—and keep much of the
the printed word and face to face private volunteer, grassroots heart that helped to
interaction, TNS and N are reacting to transfer problems of body-freedom out of the
the call for online access.
mid-century dark ages of corporate nud
TNS has kept a Web site since ism. It is created as the top advo1996, at The website cate for nude use on proper public
has been completely re designed sever- lands. Its innovative magazine is a model
al times, featuring access to N articles, and standard for many naturist publicaNetwork contacts, Assembly and Festival tions.
information, NAC Alarms, and an on-line
With all its diversity and idiosyncraSkinny-Dipper Shop.
sies, The Naturist Society goes ahead in

have been “trained” about puberty, is the trauma totally absent? No, because

the instruction is lacking in an essential area. Words cannot convey everywhere close
as effectively as pictures can. It’s possible for you to talk all day to a lad about how organs or
to a girl about how breasts come in all sizes and shapes, but it will not remove
the fear that their penis or breasts are strange. But if they have
opportunities to see penises and breasts in all their amazing variety, the point
is driven home that their body is equally as ordinary and acceptable as anyone
Children are not allowed
to fulfill their absolutely natural fascination when it’s safe to do so. Grownups
have sex hormones raging through their bodies. Prepubescent kids do not.
Before kids have to
start coping with sexual urges.
However, astoundingly, we
think the most terrible thing of all is to enable a child to see an adult nude.
What tragedy!
Instead, we force kids
to wait until they enter puberty. Subsequently they not only have to take care of their
Interest driven by a natural and wholesome desire to become trained, but also
driven by these brand new, nearly overwhelming sexual urges.
dumped on them at once and are left alone to deal with it independently.
Is it any wonder there’s
Is it any wonder teen sexual activity and
Is this not accurate kid
Make no mistake about it,
once kids reach puberty, they will begin training themselves, one
way or another. If parents or some other adult authority figure doesn’t help
them do it, they will do it on their own.
And we all know how they
will do .
They’ll gather
misinformation from friends as ignorant as themselves. They are going to develop
addictions to pornography. They will experiment with nudity and sex among
themselves, ignorant of the risks entailed. And they will do it all with a
ghastly emotional stew of sexual arousal, shame, remorse, and rebellion blended into
Oh yes, this is considerably
better than allowing children to experience nudity under cautious grownup
Oversight before their sexual hormones begin to stream.
An grownup allowing a kid
to see him or her nude is child abuse? No, no. The law that criminalizes letting
a child see an mature nude is child abuse.
Nudity that is intended to
be shocking or sexual or threatening or lewd through the person’s intent
and behavior–now that is child abuse. But legally defining the mere
existence of nudity as lewdness or obscenity is an evil, archaic view that
Children are never instructed
Everyone fears getting old. We think
old bodies are hideous. We dread them.
behold, look at the youth-worshiping culture we now have. Coincidence?
Billions of dollars are
spent on makeup, garments, even operation, to try and pretend we are not getting
old. Why? Because we fear it. Why?
Because we always conceal
our bodies from one another, we never get to see the natural aging life cycle of
human bodies. That which is concealed from us is mysterious and awful.
If we could simply see
human bodies in all the different periods of aging on a regular basis, it’d
be a familiar sight to us, a comfortable sight.
Is it not emotional mistreatment
to instruct people to dread the natural life cycles of their own bodies?
Kids, like all people,
follow ‘re their bodies. If we instruct
them to be fearful and ashamed of their bodies (and we do), they will be ashamed
of themselves. And hence a uncontrolled outbreak of self-loathing prospers in our
Especially our girls. The
most amazing girls on earth still think there is something wrong with their
Children are killing
themselves over poor self-image.
death because she can not accept her body is a prey of the self-loathing that
anti-nude attitudes help to cultivate. The gang banger who carries a gun and kills
someone for “dissing” him is literally killing children over self esteem. “You
disrespect me, you perish.”
And where does this
Unrestrained lack of self esteem come from? The causes are complicated, but how can the
lifelong shame we feel over our own bodies not be a subscriber?
Our luxury of concealment
nudity from each other may even be killing our kids. Never mind mental
Maltreatment. This is physical abuse of the nastiest sort. All because we do not want to
see a nude human body.
That is where the authentic
Many children never get to
feel absolutely comfortable with the opposite gender and never get an adequate
Instruction on human bodies to satisfy their interest. Most children will not
Bear this situation forever. If the adult community won’t fulfill their need

Guest Website: Making A Nudist Documentary Film with FKK

Notice from Jordan & Felicity: About two months ago, we were contacted by a film student from Pratt Institute. Her name was Dana, so that as her final project for one of her classes, she needed to make a short documentary about FKK / naturism.
We agreed to get it done in exchange for her composing an article about her experience to make the film. So this is her story below, along with her documentary by the end!
nudist documentary film
Guest blog by: Dana Schlieman
Nudist Documentary – My first experience with documentary filmmaking presented an opportunity to force myself out of my comfort zone and research something I hadn’t ever done before. My preference is definitely narrative, fiction film, and the assignment of a 5-10 minute documentary by my Non Fiction Clip professor made me queasy and sweaty with nervousness.
I spent another week wracking my brain for a area that would be interesting to an audience but that has been also manageable for someone with my level of expertise (which was low). Matters strayed in and out of my mind and my thoughts rambled on to other things, like what it must really be like to be colorblind, and how my class might react to the existence of nudity in a peer’s film. I froze in my own bed as this idea crystallized into a job proposal: an exploration of modern nudists in Ny and how they lived their lives within society.
The job fast started to come together within my mind’s eye as I reached for my telephone to start my research. Abruptly I hit a wall. It was the middle of October now, and my idea fell apart as quickly as it have been built up. I backtracked, dejected and unenthused, to the topic of colorblindness and landed on this as the subject for my movie. It was boring, but at least it was not seasonal.
On proposal day in class, I determined to present the theory for my nudist film anyhow, to ensure my professor could see that I was more interesting than my colorblind job implied. I shared the idea with my class, along with the challenges I’d encountered, and described why I would not be able carry this project out. The entire class, who seemed to have tuned me out while I talked about colorblindness, suddenly pricked their ears as I told them my initial idea.
You have to do that endeavor, my classmates told me, with more earnestness than I Had ever received from them. I looked to my professor for help, and he stared at me also. It actually does seem wonderful, he told me.
I argued with them for a little while as they threw their suggestions at me. They insisted that there had to be a alternative.
Speak with the people who run a resort even if they are not working right now, one classmate said. I asked her what I ‘d film in that case other than the interviews.
A movie about naturism should really have naked people inside it, should not it? I questioned them. We went back and forth like this for a while before my professor stopped us.
Only think of it, he explained. The colorblind thing seems fine. But the naturism sounds really good.
With that, I was done for. I had the choice to make an aesthetically satisfying movie for an easy A that no one would care about, myself included, or I could try only a little bit harder and end up with something I might really be proud of. I got online after class that day and buckled down. Finally, Google rewarded me with the Naturist Portal website.
Everything about FKK was so welcoming that I was instantly comfortable, and I ‘m readily made uneasy in many scenarios. They talked about naturism and naturism the way I might tell someone my feelings for artwork and my pets.
When Felicity and Jordan agreed to meet with me, I was incredibly excited-at first. Shortly I was plagued with a few very real issues. For starters, I am already rather nervous at the thought of talking to strangers (my parents had to purchase my food for me in restaurants until I was about 16). I stressed that, in my ignorance of this topic that I was to, I’d say or ask something inadvertently offensive and they would hate me. I also worried that they’d be too strange for me to deal with and I would need to back from the dedication I was intending to make with them, another notion that gives me heart palpitations.
I walked from my first meeting with Felicity and Jordan astounded at one basic fact: They were so fine, I told my buddies once I got home. The pair had explained their no-judgment way of life in my experience, and I could tell they were not saying it the way other people say it; they really meant it. I understand I am not like that, and I couldn’t think of a single reason why.
The day we filmed, I kept catching myself thinking: This all looks so ordinary. And then I gave myself a mental slap across the face and wondered, why should not it look ordinary? I found my conversation with Jordan more stimulating than anything I had learned from my college professors in the past year-and-a-half, and with Felicity I felt like I was talking to some buddy, one who merely didn’t happen to be wearing clothing. And I believe all three of us expected me to be uncomfortable, but I truly was not.
Everyone I told about my project was incredibly inquisitive about it. Between October and December, I believe the question I got asked the most was: How is it going with the naturists? It appeared that everyone expected some form of scandal, for me to be taken captive and forced to join a nude cult or something. I was nearly smug at how little dirt I had for them. The entire experience even got me working on my own body image issues and other personal items that I’ve never really thought about before.
And to anyone who still asks me, when talking about my project, Was Not that extremely awkward? all I can do is shrug and answer truthfully: No.
If you are wondering about the dick that reveals on the screen within the documentary, it is a joke commercial for a radio station in Australia and can be seen on vimeo channel here.
The vulva that also showed on the screen is a unique music video of singing vulvae and can be viewed on .
My Expertise Making A Naturist Documentary was released by – Young Naturists and Naturists America
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Dan of FKK KC Reviews His Stay At Show Me Acres

A review of Show Me Acres Nudist Resort:
Show Me Acres Naturist Resort: My lovely woman and I recently seen the imperial (relative term) Show Me Acres nudist resort in Missouri. The resort is situated near the Lake of the Ozarks – a large man-made reservoir and Missouri’s biggest state park. We ventured outside by ourselves with no expectations, reservations or plans. We called ahead, naturally, to make sure that there were camping plots accessible. We’d decided to stay for the Labor Day weekend, Saturday through Monday.
We made the 2 hour journey from Kansas City on a Saturday, about noon, and arrived later than we thought. But to that, I say, we were in no rush to start with. Upon arriving at the rod iron front gate, we were greeted by two large concrete lionsinteresting. Not an issue in my own novel.
Upon entering the resort, we were allowed viewpoints of nothing more than trees, a gravel path and a nice welcoming sign.
A nice large house with a huge beautiful lawn backed up to a fairly large pool, hot tub, sun deck set up that was built close to the TREMENDOUS clubhouse. We parked and obviously, right away, I was naked. My woman, again, keeping clothed. (She will get there!) We walked to the clubhouse, previous couples already chatting and bathing naked in the sun, where we entered and enrolled. Another quick procedure and rather escalated fees (not outrageous but higher than we’d have liked).
Once welcomes and small chit chat was found, we left to find our campground on this 130 acre piece of land. Nestled back in the trees, at the end of a car broad path, next to a stream, we set up camp. My lady left her past behind, along with her clothes.
We were not greeted nor talked to in the beginning. The group there appeared to have a little apprehension toward us, so we found a place in the corner and continued to get comfy. We were going to love ourselves no matter what others believed.
After a few years, we were approached by a couple of people and talked a bit and loved a little bit of “get to know ya” chit chat. Finally we located ourselves in the pool playing volleyball with 12 other people. It was enjoyable!
In the evening, they hosted a pot luck, of which knew about beforehand, and a chili cook away!
The night wore on and we found ourselves in the hot tub, in the pool, in the hot tub, etc. The bad experience was the horse flies! Sacred elephant trunks! Those things were enormous! Possibly contaminated by some kind of primordial ooze!
Just kidding. But they were huge!
The next day went pretty much precisely the same, save for the cocktail contest in which we were judges. We met some nice couples and even one that lived out near us. All in all a good experience.
Show Me Acres Hotel Room
Oh, I almost forgot, they also had hotel rooms. Like genuine, real hotel rooms with the greatest showers I’ve ever seen.
We would recommend a visit. It’s a bit much for our taste, but we are going to definitely be returning.
Learn more about Show Me Acres at
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